Dumno : Cen Atebertas

Nationalité : France
Style : Black Metal


Dumno, young French band, lead us in its Black Metal with warriors and atmospheric influences in its first demo Cen Aterbertas. A music which will remind you the Slavic bands due to the austerity and the radicality of its compositions.
This demo is a summary of warrior music, apathetic and has a cold atmosphere with its riffs as sharp as blades, accompanied with a drum with martial rhythm.
The vociferations of the singer, alternate between shrill roarings and terribles growls, allowing to wake the animal which slumbers in you to release yourselves from your chains and so, make born your thirst of revolt.
This offering full of hate will totally immerse you in the universe of the band thanks to its 25 minutes of belligerent Black Metal that is Cen Aterbertas.

Demo limited to 150 copies. 

Dumno : Cen Atebertas

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